Board of Review Appeal Options / Guides

Board of Review has the following options:
  • Allow a property owner to appeal by telephone or to submit written statements for the objection, under oath, instead of appearing in person at the BOR hearing.
    • Forms
      • PA-814 (PDF) - Request to Testify by Telephone or Submit a Sworn Written Statement at the Board of Review (BOR)
      • PA-800 (PDF) - Summary of Board of Review Proceedings
  • Postpone and reschedule a BOR hearing as it relates to a property once per session, at the request of the property owner.
  • Waive the BOR hearing and have the assessment reviewed in circuit court.
    • Forms
      • PA-813 (PDF) - Request for Waiver of Board of Review (BOR) Hearing
      • PA-811 (PDF) - Summary of Waiver of Board of Review Request

Official 2018 Guides