Med-Return Drug Collection

The Saukville Police Department now has a Med-Return Collection unit located in the Police Department building. Residents can drop off unwanted or expired prescriptions. You may drop medications off Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
Accepted:                                   NOT Accepted:

Prescription Meds.                      Needles (Sharps)

Prescription Ointments                Thermometers

Patches                                        Aerosol can

Meds. for Pets                              Meds. from businesses
Vitamins                                       Inhalers
Samples                                       Liquid Meds

Additional OzMedDrop Locations include:
Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office                 262-284-7172
Cedarburg Police Department                     262-375-7620
Grafton Police Department                          262-375-5320
Mequon Police Department                         262-242-3500
Port Washington Police Department           262-284-5575
Sharps and needles are only accepted for disposal at the following locations in Ozaukee County:

 -Columbia St. Mary's Hospital-Ozaukee    262-234-6700
- Aurora Medical Center Pharmacy             262-329-1600
- Aurora Pharmacy                                      262-241-5320 
- Ye Olde Pharmacy & Wellness Center     262-375-0010